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How to play: Use A/D for moving your character, spacebar for jumping, aim with the mouse, shoot with the left mouse and release a grapnel with the right mouse. Use key E when you are near a machine gun to utilize it.

About Kugeln.io


Kugeln.io is a popular 2D Shooter in your browser! You enter an arena as a hostile player who needs to kill all enemies standing in his way using his weapons. The game features three game modes, such as death match, team death match and capture the flag. All of them present to you different missions! In the death match, you have to beat all the enemies on the map and earn the highest score to win. In the team death match, you must help your teammates beat the rival team. Your team will reach the glory when you earn the best score too. In capture the flag mode, the goal is to carry the rival flag to your own one then capture it. Try to earn 3 captures first to become the winning team! Make sure you use your strategies wisely to outsmart all opponents for a chance of dominating the arena. Good luck!

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