Salvage Guns

Challenge your shooting skill in a nice 2D Shooter game called Salvage Guns! You will undergo a cruel battle with your online opponents, and try your hardest to kill them all. You start to direct a vehicle around the map to shoot down the enemies while keeping yourself alive from their bullets. It’s not easy to survive in the arena, but that doesn’t mean you give up when things have just started. You need to power up yourself, earn more experience points by collecting salvage scattered on the ground. Then, you spend these points on brand new weapons, equipment or even new stronger vehicles. Be careful with the well-armored train going through the map at certain times. If you decide to hijack the train, you will be able to collect extra salvage. Try your hardest to vanquish the entire arena so you will become the ultimate winner! Are you ready for this? Jump into the game now!

Let’s sail into the high seas with your small boat in a fun ocean-themed Upgrades game called You have to prepare yourself for a brutal combat awaiting you ahead. With just the small boat, you must do whatever you can in order to defeat the enemies and get rid of their ships before you get eliminated by them. There are so plenty of bombs, mines and other strong explosive munitions that can be collected when you move around the ocean. So, feel free to gather them as much as possible, and make good use of them to beat the enemies. You have to fight for your survival, or else you won’t be able to win this battle. Climbing the top of the leaderboard is everybody’s goal in this IO game. So you have to achieve it to become the ultimate winner. Get ready to set sail now! Hope you have a blast!

Set your footstep into a dynamic world dominated by a lot of mages with powerful magic. In this amazing RPG Upgrade game, you will battle against lots of enemy mages and try your hardest to become proficient in the arcane arts. There are plenty of exclusive spells you can use, such as Dark, Earth, Psychic and more. The Dark can be used for calling a wave of minions, protect yourself using Earth, or you can trick your rivals using Psychic. You can trade some spell scrolls with your players so as to get new spells. Don’t forget to claim a realm, then, construct a strong shelter by working with some friendly players. There are some elements that you can combine to create strong spells. An important thing you have to keep in mind, which is always protecting yourself while trying to crush your enemies. Do you think you can become the best mage in the whole arena? Play it now!


You think you’re good at fighting? Let’s perform your fighting skill in a great browser-based game called Battlz.Club! You will engage in a fighting club as a member whose mission is to fight against lots of other enemies in order to loot their souls. With a lot of souls you gathered, you will be able to rise up to the top rank on the leaderboard, also, you will be titled as the most skilled member in the club too. Try your hardest to knock back your rivals into the fireballs so you can get their souls easily. Another thing you need to do is to gather energy orbs that are dispersed around the map. Your dash meter will be filled up these orbs. It’s true to say that an attack is stronger than a dash attack, however, if you have a dash attack, you can knock the enemies a bit farther. In addition, dash can be used to get away from a fireball that is closing in on you. Will you achieve your goal? Play it now! opens a fantastic space battle for all players to come and enjoy. This is going to be a brutal fight when you have to face off against numerous skilled enemies. You spawn in space with your spaceship, and your job is to navigate it carefully to aim then shoot down all enemy ships directed by real human players. There is only one goal here, which is turning yourself into the number one on the leaderboard, but winning this goal is not an easy thing. You will undergo so many challenges, especially the confrontations with tough opponents. Therefore, preparing your abilities in readiness is always important. You will be able to deal with all sudden dangers. Another important thing is that you need to keep your ship alive until you make it to the top. Getting shot will end your adventure instantly, which forces you to start it again from scratch. Let’s get ready and fly into space with your ship now!

Grab a chance to prove your driving skill in! Don’t skip this awesome Racing Strategy game if you are looking for an addictive browser-based racing IO game. You start to hop in a nice car, then drive it around the map to destroy all enemies. You are armed with the front bumper that must be used wisely to break into your rivals. Don’t worry about taking damage because it always provides you with the most protection. You soak damage only when you get hit on the rear or sides of your car. Coins are scattered over the map, so you should gather them as many as possible to fill up your nitro meter which allows you make a speed boost. Protect your car all the time, or else the enemies will annihilate you anytime they can. The main objective is to rule the entire arena so you can become the best champion of all.

Time to demonstrate your driving skill in! Your main task in this Racing Strategy game is to get rid of your opponents by drifting around and bumping into them. You’d better earn a lot of kills, which gives you higher points. Earning more points will take you to the top rank on the leaderboard, and you can turn yourself into the best driver in the whole arena. You are armed with a dash skill too, so try to use it wisely to damage your rivals then escape away from them easily. Don’t forget to collect bolts that are scattered around the map. Eat them as much as possible because they will help increase your power a lot. Do not let others bump into you, or else it will be a game over for you. Your game goal is to dominate the entire arena. Get ready for this now! Have fun, guys!

Play one of the latest RPG Strategy games called! There are so many awesome tasks given to you in this survival IO game. You will have to eat food, sleep, grow up, get aged, and rebirth. But the most important thing is that you need to get a job, then purchase some buildings. You can go buy food in a distributor, a supermarket or a trash. Sometimes, you can dance to enhance your mood, take some medicine or even get new clothes for yourself. You earn cash by working on a computer, searching for more cash that is scattered on the roads or even destroying people. There are so many skills you need to upgrade, like computing, strength, speed, inventory, search, mood, and so forth. You are going to go through a lot of life stages in the game, so try to make your life count as well as beat all challenges. Have fun, guys!

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slitherio io games

Do you know that hordes of zombies are about to attack you in! Try this latest browser-based zombies strategy game now for many challenges. It’s all about supply chains and a brutal battle against zombies. You have to construct a base that gives you a strong protection when the night comes because that’s when the zombies will attack you. Place a lot of protective towers to keep your base safe. But to have those towers, you must earn a lot of resources by utilizing mines and processors. Be sure that the mines will be connected to the base, if you, you have to put a transporter. Protecting yourself is a must, but that doesn’t mean you leave your base unattended. Keep it defended too and put your effort into surviving the fight. Show off your strategic skills, play with good tactics so as to conquer all zombies. Good luck to you!

Blocker Survive is also a must-try Battle Royale game. You can play as a solitary fighter or team up with some friends to conquer all challenges. Roam around a vast map to collect a lot of weapons, supplies and handy items, then, arm yourself with them so you will be able to kill your enemies. You’d better make some good teamwork with others because this will help you survive easily, and no need to die alone. Since this is a kind of battle royale game, it’s inevitable to face a restriction area. When it turns up, you know that you must stay alive in the circle area to protect yourself until the very end. Kill all of your opponents with your strong weapons, make it to the top of the leaderboard, which turns yourself into the ultimate winner of the combat. Are you ready for the fight? Let’s kick it off now! is pretty much inspired by Flappy Bird game. You can play this browser-based game online with lots of real opponents all over the world and challenge them to a race to see who will reach the top first. You spawn in a map as a flappy bird that has to fly between rows of green pipes without crashing into them. For every pipe you pass, you will earn a point. Keep doing so until you reach the top rank on the leaderboard, which turns you into the best bird of all. There is an awesome feature that you experience in Once you earn over 10 points, you will be able to transform into a new stronger bird. There are 15 levels of transforming here. Try to explore them all! Remember that your game can be over if you hit one of the green pipes on your way. Good luck!

In the world of game, you take on a role of a brutal warrior that likes to destroy all enemies getting in his pathway and stopping him from collecting gold coins. Move around the map carefully with your weapon then use it wisely to stab the rivals before they wipe you out. Collect as many gold coins as possible, then bring them to the vault in order to improve your weapon. Don’t be hesitant to loot your enemy coins when you defeat them. Pay attention to the surroundings during the fight because the opponents can attack you suddenly. Similar to other IO games, you must aim to get to the top of the leaderboard where you can establish your powerful dominance. Show off your strategies, present your best skills so as to conquer all challenges in this classic free-for-all game! Join the fight now! Hope you have fun with it!

As an action-packed Upgrades game, takes you on a brutal combat between pirate ships. You are a captain of a ship trying to kill lots of other pirates and gather as many coins as possible for various upgrades. Aim then shoot down ships so you can pick up further coins dropped by them. Also, you will get healed by the coins when you gather them. For a small ship, it only takes you around 4 hits to sink it, but if you confront with a larger ship, you have to perform 10 hits as well as use a lot of armor for a success. There are 4 types of upgrades, including health, speed, armor, and damage. Make sure you continue upgrading them until they get to level 8. You will become much more powerful after going through some of the upgrades. Let’s fight until you become the best player in the whole arena!

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HTML5 game slither io is a nice 2D Shooter game in which you have to annihilate all other enemies and monsters to become the strongest one in the whole arena. You are armed with a deadly beam, so you need to fire it wisely to attack the rivals. For every single kill you earn, you will get an experience point. The more XP you gain, the higher level you can reach, also, you will be able to improve your stronger to become much stronger. You are supposed to use your mana carefully, and let it help you get away from tougher enemies. There are plenty of weapons featured in this IO game, such as circle, spread, frenzy, and homing. They have their own strategy to use, also, you need to use them in a right situation. Focus on killing the small ghosts while keeping yourself away from the larger ones. Enjoy the battle now! Good luck! is team-based 2D Shooter game packed with action. You will engage in either team red or team blue and choose your favorite game mode, which is HQ Destruction or Team Deathmatch, then quickly launch the combat. In HQ Destruction, your mission is to demolish the rival HQ by transferring the big sea mine to the enemy base. Get rid of all rival ships with your cannons, torpedoes and don’t forget to gather various chests floating on the surface. But if you join the team deathmatch, your main task is to demolish all rival ships within a specific timeframe. Always work with your teammates to defeat the tougher ones. The in-game crates are so various, including mine crates, repair crates, XP crates and ammunition crates. They will surely power-up yourself, giving you a higher chance of winning. Show off all your abilities so as to conquer this battle! Are you ready for it? Start the challenges now! is a Space-themed Strategy game that lets you pilot a spaceship around in space to gather as much stardust as possible above the white line. You see that there are numerous enemy spaceships, asteroids and even the moon around you. You can elude them if you want, but if you are an aggressive player, just challenge those enemies to a fight. Shoot them down when they try to attack you, make good use of your boost to fly further and don’t forget to heal yourself by landing on earth. Another important thing is that you shouldn’t leave the bounds, or else your ship will soak a lot of damage. You should do whatever it takes to survive longer, focus on earning a lot of points, which takes you to the top spot on the leaderboard. The game goal is to build your dominance in space to become the king! Good luck!

If you do love playing 2D Shooter browser-based game, then make sure you check out with awesome challenges to conquer. It’s really amusing to play and will take you through a brutal combat. You take control of your character, then make your way through a vast battleground with a big ambition which is becoming the best shooter of all on the whole server. To obtain this goal, you are forced to get rid of all enemies getting in your way, but make sure you always keep yourself alive from other attacks. You have to stay alive for as long as possible. There are some walls you can hide behind. Use them to dodge the dangerous bullets. Also, another thing is that you shouldn’t stay close to barrels when the bullets are flying around, or else you will get shot easily. Are you up for the challenges? Let’s give it a go now! is a shooter game that is kind of identical to Quickly join it now for a chance of confronting with new players from around the world. You start to direct your own mech around the map to destroy numerous opponents by utilizing lots of strong weapons, like railgun, flak cannon, rocket launcher and more. Focus on killing these rivals, but you also protect yourself from other enemy attacks. As a mech, you are also armed with a shield that can be used to block the projectiles that are coming to you or you use it to decrease the explosive damage. Feel free to perform a bash, which helps you debilitate an opponent for a second, and you will have sufficient time to take him out. You must put your effort into becoming the most powerful mech of all. Will you be able to achieve it? Give it a go!

As a hot Battle Royale game online, is always fun and addictive to play when it provides you with a cruel combat where only the last man standing wins. You will experience the craziest battle like you have never seen before. When you spawn in the arena, you have to roam around the map to collect weapons, supplies, ammo, etc., gear up yourself with those collected things so you can shoot down the enemies easily. Put necessary items inside your backpack with a limited size, then take them out to use when you feel a need. Your health will be run out through over time, if so, you have to use a bandage or a booster to regain it. Stay watchful for the red zone that gradually pushes you and others closer together. You have to stay alive in a safe a zone until the very end, which makes you the ultimate winner of the fight.

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slither oi battle royal is a difficult Strategy game with a nice concept. It sets in a boxing arena where players have to fight against each other. You take control of your fighter carefully, perform your ultimate fighter skills and brutal punches to defeat your enemies. Never underestimate the opponents, they are kind of strong, also they can outplay you anytime. Therefore, you should have your fast reflexes ready all the time to cope with them. Don’t forget to fill up your champion’s ultimate by gathering as many blobs as possible. Combine destructive combos, present your best skills so you won’t get defeated in this cruel combat. The main objective of this Strategy IO game is to become the best champion fighter who will dominate the entire boxing arena. Do you think you will achieve the goal? Let’s get ready to experience fierce elements as well as cruel challenges. Hope you have fun with it! game lets you take on a role of a controller who has to direct his own fleet of sperm around the map to fight against lots of opponents from across the globe. This is going to be a brutal combat between you and others. You are supposed to make smart movements, hunt enemies then try to get rid of them getting in your way. To strengthen yourself, you need to pick up lots of power-ups that are being dispersed on the ground. They will give you an advantage over the rivals. Don’t forget to develop your own strategies, but the best one for you is to elude the sperm classes that are stronger than yours. Focus on taking over as many ovaries as possible so you will have a chance to make it to the top of the leaderboard. Get yourself ready for this battle and try to conquer all!

You take on a role of a hostile shark swimming around the ocean in! There will be lots of enemy sharks that you will confront with in this awesome 2D Shooter Strategy game. Your shark is armed with lasers which can be shot out to kill the rivals. You need to get rid of as many enemies as possible while keeping yourself alive from their attacks. There are plenty of orbs scattered over the floor. Feel free to pick them up to earn more points. After collecting a good number of points, you can level up your shark and even evolve into a stronger one. You are able to make a speed boost during laser charge. This will help you dodge the enemy lasers in time, which saves your life. The game goal here is to become the most powerful shark on the whole server. Enjoy the game now! Good luck!

Keep calm and solve all puzzles in a nice browser-based Puzzle game called! You are taken to a messy playfield full of letters. Your job is to complete the given word by finding the matching letters then dragging them into the matching boxes that are displayed at the bottom of the board. This sounds so simple, however, it’s not easy because you are racing against your enemies to see who will complete the word first. Therefore, you need to have your eagle eyes ready and perform your quick reflexes to get an edge over the enemies. Don’t forget to use the lock icon to keep your gathered letters safe because they may get destroyed by other players. Try to earn a lot of points so you will become the ultimate winner at the end of the game. Let’s get ready, present your abilities and conquer all challenges now! Have fun!

It’s time to control your boat around over the ocean in a nice game called which is based on bumper cars. You will surely have a lot of fun riding the boat in this Strategy Ocean game. Start moving around the vast ocean to collect a lot of life savers with beach balls for a lot of points. The enemy boats will soak damage if you crash into them, also, if you can bump them enough, a half of their score will belong to you, which means that you succeed in defeating them. There will be some enemies chasing you from behind. In this case, you should quickly find the closest wall then bump them back to take them out. Always protect your boat from soaking damage, and never give others a chance to steal your point. You need to fight, stay alive until you get to the top spot on the leaderboard. opens an epic dogfight with challenges to explore! Once jumping into this 2D Shooter Space game, you will direct a ship around the galaxy to hunt for energy, absorb them as much as possible so as to increase your power. At first, you are just a small ship that is longing for a bigger size, you focus on gathering energy orbs spreading over the map. Once you get to size 30, you will get a better field of view. But at size 60, you will completely pop up on the mini-map, and now you can be hunted by others. You’d better attack the players that are weaker than you while keeping your ship away from the larger ones. But you shouldn’t get scared of the dangers much because with your massive power, you are able to hit the enemies before they approach you. The main goal here is very simple, which is climbing the ladder! Have fun!

Let’s see how well you can jump between platforms that never stop getting smaller in a fun free-for-all game called In the game, you begin to jump from this platform to another one as you try to elude the deadly lava and block your enemies from moving. Also, you must gather a lot of diamonds to increase your points. All diamonds will become valuable further away, and the difficulty will be increased when you make advancement. Therefore, you need to find the accurate balance of danger and reward. It’s so important to block your enemies. If someone is making a dangerous move, you should take this chance to wipe him out. It won’t be easy to survive in this lava world just for collecting diamonds, but your main goal is to dominate the whole world like this. Try your best to achieve the goal! Give it a shot now and wish you luck!

You start to take control of a power line around a huge map to vanquish a lot of enemy lines while keeping yourself alive in Basically, this is a Slither-like game with advanced features and new challenges. It can be considered as a modern approach to the classic Snake-themed IO game. Your snake is able to create electricity and speed up during the adventure, so make sure you use them wisely to get an edge over others. Killing all enemies is a must, but it won’t be easy to do so without having any strategies. Therefore, you must grow your own ones to get rid of them before they kill you. Make good use of your long tail to trap others in a corner, encircle them, force them to crash into you or even block their path. You need to make it to the top spot on the leaderboard for the arena domination.

Take part in an amusing Sports-themed IO game called to experience a challenging football match. Once you jump in the arena, you will confront with a lot of enemies from across the world. You have to team up with friendly players, work with them to defeat the opposing team for a chance of touching the final glory. You have to find the ball, catch it then shoot it into the goal of enemy team while stopping the enemies from scoring goals. Your sports skills are very important! You must make use of them in most of the situations so as to cope with the dangers around in time. Everybody is trying to climb the ladder, which is the main goal of the game. You must stop them all then quickly get to the top of the scoreboard where you can build your dominance. Ready for the match? Feel free to join it now!

Think you will become the best and the most hostile shooter in game? Give it a try now to show off your abilities and encounter new players. You set your footstep into a vast 3D world full of various kinds of weapons that are scattered around the map. Try to collect them then make use of them to shoot down your rivals while keeping yourself alive from their attacks. You can prepare and plan your own strategies, but the best one for you could be constantly moving around the arena in a circular motion. By doing so, the enemies won’t be able to attack you, and you will get a chance to shoot backwards. You’d better keep an eye on the surroundings all the time just in case when somebody is trying to take you out in a sneaky way. Survive as long as possible so you can win the combat!

Do you have a fear of seeing bugs that are crawling around a place? Let’s face that fear in a nice game called! You are able to select your favorite size, a cockroach or a human, then enter the arena! If you choose to play as a human, you need to defeat the cockroach team and protect yourself from being killed by them. Similarly, as a cockroach, you are supposed to hunt for the humans on the map, destroy them all then climb your way to the top. There are numerous foods you can collect around the map. This helps you increase your score until you become the ghost of the room. Being the ghost is so fun because you are able to toggle the light, which will weaken other players, or if you are a human ghost, you can even shake the room too. Pay attention to your score and don’t let it decrease down to 0, or else you will lose. But you don’t have to worry about it if you are already the ghost. Do not let any other players become the ghost because that’s when you will be kicked out of the room. Your main goal is to stay alive as long as possible.

Feudal Wars

Playing Military Strategy browser-based is always fun! Let’s grab a chance to engage in Feudal Wars game to conquer many challenges as well as demonstrate your excellent abilities. There are some amazing kingdoms featured in this IO game, such as France, England, Castile, The Holy Roman Empire, The Teutonic Order, and Venice. Pick your favorite one to begin the combat! You will be armed with one exclusive knight unit, your job is to train all soldiers then let them fight against the enemies. The main objective here is to take over all castles for the ultimate glory. The more of them you seize, the larger your army’s size will become. Make sure you construct a lot of structures, like resource production facilities, military training facilities, and research facilities. They all surely contribute to your unit. Try your hardest to defeat all opponents then you can vanquish the whole land. Have fun and good luck!

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It must be the biggest challenge to survive in a watery world when you are just only armed with a small raft. Play game now to show off your surviving skills as well as conquer that challenge. You start off everything with just the raft, and you must use it wisely as the means of transportation. Move around many locations to hunt for resources, make a good use of various kinds of props to construct a base for yourself, which gives you a better defense. Also, you need to craft different types of weapons then use them to battle against other enemies. Sometimes, you can jump out of the raft to swim but be careful because the aggressive sharks may attack you. Work with some friends to overcome all dangers, wipe out tougher opponents and put your effort into surviving as long as possible. Will you become the best survivor of all? Let’s give it a try now!

Be prepared to enter a tough playground full of dangers and traps in a nice platformer game called Your skills will be challenged a lot, so take this chance to prove them! You have to make smart movements over the platforms, jump over all deadly traps, gather a bunch of coins as you attempt to assault your rivals. If you succeed in killing them, you can steal a half of their gold. Having a lot of gold earned will take you to the top spot on the leaderboard. While you are battling against them, you should also be careful with the traps that are surrounding you at each step. In addition, defending yourself from being taken out by others is kind of important too. The game objective is to dominate the whole leaderboard as well as become the best player on the whole server. Let’s give it a try now! Good luck!

Do you want to know how great your surviving ability is? game will give you an answer when it takes you through a lot of challenges in an amazing 2D world. You start off everything with just a small and simple axe, however, it’s very handy to you as you need to cut down some trees for wood. Whatever you do, make sure you earn yourself a good amount of wood because this is a key element to construct many structures, useful other tools, and even weapons. But you will even get further resources when you progress, like stone which can be used to create more sophisticated structures, or with some new items, like arrows, bow, tee pee, etc. All of these resources are so important to you because they can somewhat affect your survival. Try to increase your level, power up yourself and don’t be hesitant to kill enemies that get in your sight. Good luck!

Start to battle against lots of tough AI guardians and show off your mining ability in now! You turn yourself into a controller of an army of drones trying to dominate the whole galaxy. Instead of being round-based, this Space Asteroids IO game is more like an MMO in which you can freely build your own fame and take over the top spot on the leaderboard. You start off building an exclusive exocraft as well as put your effort into developing your own fleet. Fighting against AI guardians on planet is a must, so you should team up with some friends to take them out. The battle is getting more brutal as you progress. Aside from AI, the players also have to cope with lots of other defenses that are defending its precious resources. More content with nice game modes will be unlocked as a good result for your advancement. Good luck!

You start off everything in the arena of game with just a simple stick but it will be used as the main weapon to destroy all enemies. In this awesome fast-paced Strategy game, you have to roam around a huge map with that stick, then, quickly stab through the rivals before they get a chance to attack you back. As you move around, you need to stay watchful for the surroundings and always keep your stick ready to fight! The enemies can ambush you if you get caught off guard, and once this happens, your game will be over. Therefore, you need to elude their sticks as well as protect yourself all the time. Don’t forget to absorb food or earn more kills to grow your stick. You can speed up sometimes but use this wisely since it regains back slowly. Will you be able to rule the arena? Have fun!