is a brand new Strategy IO game online which is based upon a famous game called The Floor is Lava. You will meet and play with new skilled players from around the world. The game takes you to an arena filled with lava. Your main mission is to touch your surrounding opponents in order to defend yourself from not being fallen into the lava. This means that you have to do stuff and try whatever it takes to interact with your friends for your survival. Because if you don’t do anything to them, you will die instantly! The arena allows 5 players to play against each other, so you need to perform your strategies and skills to defeat the other 4 players. Make an effort to be the last player that doesn’t fall into the lava. That’s when you will become the ultimate winner of the game. You ready? Let’s give it a shot now! See how long you can stay alive!

Go! Eat! Bomb!

Go! Eat! Bomb! is another fantastic IO game that you should play with your good strategies to defeat all tough opponents and become the best player of all. The game puts you in the shoes of a fish monster that loves to eat kittens and tasty mushrooms spreading over the map. The more you eat, the larger you are. So keep eating them all the time until you gain a large amount of mass. Around the arena are not only edible things but also dangerous shit. You need to stay away from the shit as it is extremely deadly and explosive to you. In addition to this, you must dodge the bigger players too, or else you will get eaten. Also, one more thing you must keep in mind, which is that you have to leave your mouth open from time to time in order to avoid being exploded. Take a look at the explosive indicator on the left side to open your mouth! Let’s see how long you can survive! is a team-based RPG IO game online where you can choose your favorite side to play. The game opens a fierce battle between men and monsters. So you will have a chance to play as an evil monster or a good man that always tries to protect his planet. If you become the monster, you must use your powers and excellent skills to destroy the entire mankind. Slay all defenders, activate Ar-man-geddon known as meteor storms which will affect at random. However, as for the human team, you need to perform your tactics to get rid of enough monsters and bring the victory to your planet. Whichever side you are on, make sure you concentrate on the principal objective of your team. Make some excellent teamwork to defeat your opponents, pick up the green points to reach the top of the leaderboard, level up with yellow XP and don’t forget to unlock new units as well as more creatures. Good luck! is one of the latest IO games online that will test your racing abilities. Jump in the game now and prove to the whole world that you are the best racer of all. The game places you in a vast arena filled with a lot of vehicles directed by plenty of players from across the globe. You are supposed to take control of your car with a wrecking ball around the map to go slay and smash everything that stands in your way, especially your opponents. You must aim and demolish them as fast as possible while trying to defend your own car. The more enemies you annihilate, the more experiences you will earn, then you can spend them on amazing upgrades for your vehicle. Just like other Multiplayer games, this one also consists of a leaderboard which displays the players that have the best scores. You must reach the top rank on this board to rule the arena. Have fun!

Play a wonderful free-for-all IO game called with lots of new players and show off your skills! The game is all about drawing and guessing, which is kind of similar to In the game, you will have to use your turn to draw stuff in order to give hints to your friends so that they can try to guess the word. Keep in mind that the more hints you send, the fewer points you will earn! So you have to perform your excellent drawing skills and make sure that all players will have the correct answers. When somebody is drawing, you must quickly stay focused and try to find the accurate word as fast as possible. The faster you submit your word, the more points you will have. Don’t waste too much time, keep trying to guess the words and draw stuff. Your main goal is to become the ultimate winner of the game!