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Slitherio Bots

Slitherio Bots

Have you ever wondered about who would control your snake when you weren’t on the game? Let’s explore another kind of character in game called Bots which can play a significant role in the game, especially when you are offline. This character is considered as Artificial Intelligence, and it can totally take control of your snake to avoid crashing into the opponents. They fulfill their actions automatically, and it can become a silly bot. That’s funny, right? With these bots, you don’t have to worry about your snake being in the game alone without you!  But sometimes, you can’t direct the bots! Now, let’s join the game and find out more about the bots!

In-game features

Check out some of the amazing features that are already available in mod. Click the link below to explore all.

Chrome Extension

Check this Chrome Extension out so that you can utilize new features in mod! Click the link as shown below here to find out about this extension!
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