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Slitherio Skins

Slitherio Skins is a famous snake game online allowing thousands of players of other countries to come and join the same game arena. For those who are big fans of snake games, and Arcade game, they should join this for more experiences. The game totally concentrates on survival and how you handle all the threats surrounding. has become more and more popular over time, and these days, the game has attracted a certain large number of players. There are numerous mods, along with amazing features that have added to the game to make it more thrilling and give the best gaming experience to players. The most outstanding one could be Snake Skins, which are known as the avatar of your snake when joining. Frankly speaking, Skins always catch the attention of most of the players. They can select the new “clothes” and refresh the outside appearance of their snakes. It’s time to find out those skins and check out steps to unlock all of them. Skins List

How to Unlock Skins in

There are some of the basic skins for players to utilize. They will have to choose one of the initial 9 random skins at first by default. After that, they must do these steps below to unlock more skins for their snakes:
Step 1: Open the homepage of the game
Step 2: There are two options at the bottom right of the screen saying “Share to Facebook” or “ Share to Twitter,” choose one of them then you will see a new tab

Slitherio Skins
Step 3: After sharing, just refresh the page and then hit “Change Skin” which is another section on the bottom left
Slitherio Skins
Step 4: Now, you will see a lot of skins here, just use the arrow keys or the mouse to change between them, when you selected your favorite one, you could hit Save button.
Slitherio Skins Mod Skins

Besides the original skins that you have experienced in game, with the mod, you will find out more awesome skins for your snake. If you want to get those new skins, the first thing you have to do is to add the chrome extension, and then you will experience more!

Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins Mod Skins

In-game features

Explore amazing features that you have never seen before in mod now! You can find out all of them by clicking this link below.

Chrome Extension

With the Chrome Extension, now you can experience more characteristics in mod, just simply add this to your Chrome, and you will have a whole new world!

Slitherio Mods

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