Shell Shockers Game

Shell Shockers is an egg-themed shooting multiplayer game in which you control your egg killer armed with a gun to crack all other enemy eggs for ruling the arena!

Shell Shockers
Shell Shockers Game

Shell Shockers free unblocked (aka or Shell Shock game, or even contains a wide range of fascinating features, ranging from egg classes to many weapons, for players to experience. You can play it for free in your browser and grab the chance to perfect your shooting ability through many tough challenges as well as ruthless matches.

Shell Shockers is an egg shooting game online that takes place in a huge arena where players have to shoot one another for victory. Shell Shockers free unblocked (aka or Shell Shock game, or even contains a wide range of fascinating features, ranging from egg classes to many weapons, for players to experience. You can play it for free in your browser and grab the chance to perfect your shooting ability through many tough challenges as well as ruthless matches.

About Shell Shockers Egg Game

Much like other multiplayer shooting io games, also focuses on ruthless gunfights between online players. But, the good thing about this title is players become wicked egg killers. To be more specific, players will become a gunslinger in the shape of an egg armed with a special weapon. Try to use your selected weapon to kill your enemies before you get eliminated. Since the arena is extremely huge, you will come across multiple enemies. Some of them are easy to take on, but some are too dangerous to kill. Make sure you develop strategies and use them to get an edge over enemies for an easier win.


The main goal is to hit the top rank on the leader board to become the most dangerous egg killer. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself alive! Continue dishing out damage to rival eggs and protect yourself during the course of the game.

Egg classes:

There are 6 egg classes in egg game. These classes are scrambler, free ranger, eggsploder, whipper, crackshot and soldier. All of the classes have their own weapons and skills. You can use the abilities of your chosen class to defeat the enemy eggs in the battle.

Shell Shockers game modes:

Three game modes in are including free for all, teams, and capture the spatula. In the teams mode, you must work together with your fell egg players to destroy the rival team. Play Solo in free for all mode and try to kill enemies for your victory. Do your best to capture the spatula of enemies for your win!

Play Shell Shockers Game

Shellshockers gameplay:

The gameplay in Shellshockio is extremely fascinating! With stunning graphics and simple FPS controls, you will surely love to play Shell Shockers.

Players can speed up their movement as well as utilize cover to their advantage. The great part is when killing an enemy egg, they will drop and disperse their gooey yolk on the map.

How to hack Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers the egg game has some hacks and cheats for you to use, which is like other io games. You can have a look at a short guide on how to hack Shell Shockers game below:

For activating the hack function, use key ESC to stop the game then type these codes:

  • CHEESY PEAS: You can shoot down enemies much faster in the fight.
  • RATTY RAT RATTY: This Shellshockers hack will give you invincibility.

How to play Shell Shockers

Arm yourself with a lethal weapon first then enter the fray to eliminate all enemies in Shell Shockers egg game. As you rack up kills, you will earn points, which helps you climb the top of the leaderboard faster. Just protect yourself from the rival shots as if someone cracks you, the game will be over.

In-game controls:

  • Perform the movement of your egg killer using the mouse or keys WASD
  • Click the left mouse button to shoot enemies
  • Change weapons using key E
  • Reload your gun using key R
  • Throw a grenade to explode enemies using key Q
  • You can configure the controls in the Settings menu.

How to get aimbot on Shell Shockers

Aimbot is one of the best extra features you can experience in Shell Shockers. With Aimbot cheat, your Shell Shock gameplay can be grown and you can kill more enemies. To get Aimbot on Shell Shock the game, you should install some scripts, such as Tampermonkey, Greasemonkey, Violentmonkey, or Ninjakit.

How to scope in Shell Shockers

Some players are struggling to find a lot of codes for changing the scope to Install the user scripts on your computer for using the scope feature in Shellshock the game for better gameplay. Some players already wrote several common user scripts that you can download for free and install. You can search for them on the Internet then install them if you want!

Play Shellshockers free game online!

It is so easy to jump into the fray in Shellshockers game! Feel free to play this egg game in your browser and fight off all enemies from around the world. Shell Shockers welcomes all players to come and hone their shooting abilities.

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