Pewpewio Online

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How to play: Move your character by using keys WASD. Aim and shoot at enemies using the mouse. Click left mouse button to fire, and use the right mouse button to activate the PUSH mode.

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Pewpewio Online

Engage in a nice 2D Shooter game called Pewpewio Online! Lots of friends are waiting to battle against you in a vast arena, so take this chance to fight against them. In the game, you take control of your character around the map in order to gather bonuses, and utilize your sliding to attack the rivals rapidly, then withdraw away from them. You are armed with a PUSH mode which can be turned on to ram your opponents, after that, you will be able to reach another part of the map. You should be sure to time the push mode for fast assaults on the rivals. There are lots of power-ups spreading over the map sometimes, try to collect them as much as you can, use them wisely to get an edge over your enemies. Having more power-ups will surely increase your chance of survival. Outsmart all of your opponents, reach the top spot on the leaderboard to dominate!

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